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A clean carpet is a massive step towards a health environment

Everyone knows that carpets are a potential breeding ground for bugs and other nasties. The regular vacuum is obviously a great place to start, but nothing freshens up a room or increases its hygiene levels as much as a thorough carpet clean. And using a specialist carpet cleaning company such as DMAK will make all of the difference.

So is your carpet is telling you that it’s time for a thorough, professional clean to remove any of the following?

  • Coffee, tea or wine stains
  • Oil, paint, lipstick or grease
  • Ground in dirt or other marks

Or are you just looking for a deep shampoo to remove dust mites, bacteria and odours?

We also provide a range of specialist hard floor cleaning services utilising our 25 years of expert knowledge.

For a thorough, professional clean of any flooring surface, call to book the DMAK difference: 0151 922 9770